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The 10 Essentials Your Vegan Kitchen Needs

Essentials Your Vegan Kitchen Needs: The vegan diet is becoming more and more popular across the world, with many embracing it for health reasons as well as moral ones. Vegans abstain from consuming any animal products. While vegetarians don’t consume meat and pescetarians limit their meat consumption to fish, vegans don’t eat either, and additionally exclude eggs, animal fats, and milk from their diets, meaning they mostly consume plant products. This can seem very limiting, but in truth, there’s an endless array of dishes that vegans can prepare. Many start by taking cues from cultures that have already practiced a vegan lifestyle for centuries, including Asian countries where religion prohibits the consumption of meat and lactose intolerance makes milk a no-go.

Others innovate by finding new ways of preparing vegetable products to imitate meat, or create new flavors the world has never tasted before. Whatever approach you take, there are some staples that most vegans keep on hand. Here are 12 ingredients that every vegan pantry ought to keep in stock.

Tempeh: The main thing you’ll need to compensate for when cutting animal products out of your diet is a lack of protein. Tempeh is a soybean cake with a rich, earthy flavor that’s loaded with protein. It can be steamed, marinated, blackened, or crumbled, and its flavor-absorbing properties make it a great addition to other dishes… Continue Reading >>>>