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Everything We Know About ULTA BEAUTY Allegedly Reselling Used Makeup

By now you’ve already heard that Ulta Beauty was accused by a former employee of reselling used products that other customers had returned, which we originally learned from People.

It started when former employee, whose twitter handle is @fatinamxo, took to Twitter to put it all out there. She claims that when someone returned a product, managers instructed her to repackage, reseal, and return the item to the shelf. This included makeup, haircare, skin products, and perfume.

Gross, right? She went out to say that they would “clean” the products first with q-tips before repacking. Can you imagine buying what appears to be a brand new lipstick but in turn, it’s used and has been “cleaned” by a q-tip? Well this employee could NOT imagine doing so, which is when she reached out to corporate.

Corporate’s response? “Well when it comes to mascara we definitely want to be hygenic.” But I guess not with lipstick or foundation?

Maybe you’re thinking, “One employee? Maybe she got fired, had a back experience, and wanted to hurt Ulta’s reputation.” Unfortunately, @fatinamxo is not the only employee to back this. Another employee jumped on Twitter claiming they do the same “sh*t” at her store, and ANOTHER employee backed this as well.

So, what does Ulta have to say about it? They released a tweet stating: “”The health and safety of our guests is a top priority for Ulta Beauty. We are looking into these claims as the actions described are inconsistent with our practices and values.”

They responded to People saying, “”The health and safety of our guests is a top priority for Ulta Beauty and we take these matters very seriously. Ulta Beauty’s practices do not allow the resale of any items that have been opened and/or used. The actions described appear to be inconsistent with our practices and we are currently looking into this matter.”

At TruGlamour, we’re a little shocked by this. What do you guys think about it?