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3 Secret Ingredients to Increase Sperm Count

3 Secret Ingredients to Increase Sperm Count: For many men, sexual vitality and fertility are subjects that are typically only discussed with a doctor. However, when a man experiences troubles with libido or low sperm count, he’s far too often left to figure out answers on his own out of embarrassment. Fortunately, there are solutions available, and increasing sperm count and mobility is possible by implementing different strategies and supplements that suit your needs.

If all of your efforts to restore your sperm count have failed, fear not–though you may not have heard of them, these three secret ingredients might be the keys to revitalizing your sex life and restoring your virility.

Tongkat Ali- Though its benefits include its abilities to combat serious illnesses such as cancer and malaria, Tongkat Ali is most commonly used by men as a male enhancement supplement. Known to increase testosterone and restore the male hormone to its optimal levels, this plant is aptly referred to as “home-grown Viagra” in its native country of Malaysia. Because Tongkat Ali contains what are known as “eurypeptides”, it has the ability to increase the rate of release of testosterone from globulin.

In simple terms, this means that when properly utilized, it has the ability to give your body the boost of testosterone it so desperately needs, which may, in turn, increase sperm count… Continue Reading >>>>