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Top 5 Things you Should Know Before Going Vegan PG2

Going Vegan Does Not Mean Going Healthy- Due to the way vegans are portrayed in pop culture, many people assume that all vegans live a healthy lifestyle. However, that is not always the case. A lot of junk food, such as pop-tarts and Oreos, is vegan. Therefore, if your goal is to become healthier or lose weight, you can’t expect it to happen as soon as you make the switch. To be a healthy vegan, you must plan your meals to ensure that you get the proper balance of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Not All Vegans are Created Equal- Within the vegan community, there is a lot of division among the types of vegan. For example, there are junk food vegans, raw vegans, and high raw vegans just to name a few. Do not get caught up in all the labels. Just focus on what you wish to accomplish with your new vegan lifestyle whether it is to get healthier or simply to not hurt any more animals. However, knowing the different types of vegans can help you find recipes online suited for your tastes and preferences.

There are No “Side-effects” to Going Vegan- Many people gripe and complain that this and that started to hurt more as soon as they made the switch to a vegan lifestyle. That is simply not true. If properly balanced, the vegan diet will not have any side-effects on your body or mental health. The only side-effects will come from not eating properly, which would happen anyway in an unhealthy meat-friendly diet.

Know Your Alternative Food Sources- Sometimes you might not be able to make it back to the house to make your favorite quinoa wrap. Other times, you might be forced to stop at a fast food joint because you are just too hungry or you are riding along with some buddies. Whatever you do, do not give yourself a cheat day, know that there are vegan options available all around you. For example, Taco Bell, albeit very unhealthy, offers many options for vegans. Their bean burritos, potato soft tacos, and rice burritos can all be vegan when ordered without cheese. In addition, Burger King serves Morningstar vegetarian burgers. No matter how far away from home you might be, there are options available to you.

In Conclusion- Going vegan might sound tough but once you get started, it’s all downhill. And with the recent gain in popularity, there are more and more healthy vegan recipes popping up online and more vegan restaurants opening all throughout the U.S. In addition, vegans form a very vibrant and open community on the Internet and in real life. Whatever your reason for becoming a vegan, this article provides five basic facts you should know before making the switch.