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Kissing Secrets Revealed! 7 Fantastic Facts About Kissing

Kissing is one of the most natural and pleasurable ways humans show their love for each other. Touching the lips together can be a sign of familial affection, a formal gesture in ceremonies, or express erotic passion. It all depends on who’s kissing who, the circumstances, and what kind of kiss it is. Whether you’re a kissing expert or you’re still waiting to experience your first kiss, check out the following fantastic facts about kissing.kissing

1- Scientific studies of how people kiss have revealed interesting facts. Did you know most people, regardless of sex, tip their heads to the right as they prepare to double down on their partner’s lips? There’s a definite preference for the right side. But other people favor the left.

2- You may have heard that Inuit people kiss by rubbing their noses together. That much is true, but they don’t kiss that way to stop their lips freezing together as many people believe. When Inuit people nose rub, they often inhale and share their breath. For them it can be erotic. The science behind it may have something to do with desire-triggering hormones called pheromones which the scent receptors in the nose detect.

3- Would you say sharing a kiss with someone other than your spouse or partner was infidelity? Or do you think things would have to go further to be cheating? A recent study found out that in most couples, both partners felt that even a quick snog was a betrayal of trust… Continue Reading >>>>