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Kim Kardashian West Claps Back

By now we’ve all seen Kim Kardashian West’s new blonde cornrows. She’s posted her braids calling them “Bo Derek braids,” and because of the new hairstyle. She’s received a lot of backlash. Some fans are accusing the star of cultural appropriation while others simply don’t like them.

But when has Kim ever let a little shade stop her? She’s not starting now.

Perez Hilton posted a photo of Kim’s new look and asked people to comment their thoughts.

Lindsay Lohan took this opportunity to voice her opinion commenting on the post, “I’m confused.”

Kim wasted no time clapping back stating, “You know what’s confusing…Your sudden foreign accent.”

OH SNAP…we thought y’all were friends?! We must admit we’re a little excited Lohan is back in the game. Will we see more of her? Let us know what you think.