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8 Health Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

8 Health Benefits of Taking Cold Showers8 Health Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower: One of many modern conveniences that we take for granted is the trusty water heater. We all love the comfort of a nice warm bath or the sterilizing power of a hot shower. But for millennia, humans had no control over the temperature of the water they washed in. This means our bodies aren’t evolved to respond to hot showers. Just as the Paleo diet attempts to replicate the foodstuffs the human body is evolved to consume, the cold-water shower movement encourages us to embrace the way our ancestors bathed. A cold shower can be revitalizing, stimulating, and healthy. Here are just a few of the benefits you stand to gain by showering with cold water.

1. Decreased Depression- For many of us, the morning is a struggle. We find ourselves beset by gloom as we arise from the stupor of sleep. A cold shower can shock us into consciousness and might actually improve our mood. A 2007 study found that regular cold showers are actually more effective than prescription antidepressants – but consult a doctor before going off of any prescribed medication… Continue Reading >>>>