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No Gym, No Problem: Your Guide to Getting Fit on Your Own

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving personal fitness “Getting Fit” is going to the gym. For some people, it’s too costly. For others, it’s an embarrassment, particularly if you’ve gotten really out of shape. And for still others, it’s just inconvenient, whether because they live too far from a gym or their schedule doesn’t permit it.

Whatever your reasons are, skipping the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get fit. And you won’t have to invest in a lot of expensive exercise equipment for your home, either. Read on to learn how you can get in shape on your own, with nothing but a bit of knowledge and the body you already have.

Cardio- Aerobic exercise is important for your cardiovascular health. These exercises put your muscles to work, but the main goal is to get your heart pumping, which is important for maintaining its health into old age. Since you’re not going to invest in a stationary bike or elliptical machine, you’ll have to get your cardio workout elsewhere. Jumping jacks and jogging in place are cardio exercises that don’t require leaving the house.

If you’ve got stairs, quickly climbing and descending them repeatedly is also a great aerobic workout. If you can, hit the road and do some running. You can spice up your running with things like interval training, in which you jog for five minutes, sprint for one, then jog for one, then sprint for one, repeating 5-10 times. Jumping rope is another cardiovascular exercise you can easily do in your home. Maintain a brisk pace and jump for 10-15 minutes. You’ll know these exercises are working when you feel your heart racing. They’re also great for weight loss…. Continue Reading >>>>