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17 Foods You Shouldn’t Share with Your Dog

It’s tempting to give in to your dog’s pleading gaze when you’re eating something that your pet wants to share. Some human foods are okay for dogs, but many are not. A dog’s digestive system and metabolism are different from a person’s, and that means a canine can’t handle everything a human can.

The next time you plan to offer your dog some of your own food, keep this list in mind. These are 17 foods you shouldn’t share with your dog.


Alcohol is harder on dogs than it is on people, so small amounts can be dangerous. Alcohol poisoning could kill a dog, especially a small one.


Almonds aren’t a good snack for a dog because they can easily be swallowed without chewing. The edges are sharp and can damage your dog’s throat.


Avocados and avocado plants contain a substance called persin that can cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. Swallowing an avocado seed can also be dangerous to your dog.


Caffeine has the same effect on dogs that it does on people, but a dog’s metabolism makes the effects more severe. Drinking caffeine can harm or kill your dog… Continue Reading >>>>