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5 Signs the Dude You Are Dating is a DUD2

2. SMELLS LIKE HE TOOK A BATH IN AFTERSHAVE If your fellow smells like he took a bath in his aftershave cologne, he might not be the man you are looking for. Unless you like your eyes watering while trying to enjoy or meal or a movie, you might want to start looking for the exit door (or at least an open window for ventilation).

3. HE IS RUDE TO YOUR SERVER Guys who are rude to waitstaff are to be avoided like the plague. If he is rude to restaurant servers, chances are he will be rude to you as you get further along in your relationship. Basic manners are not something you turn off and on depending upon a person’s job.

4. COMPARES YOU TO HIS MOM If he compares you to his mother on a frequent basis, your date might have mother issues. Admiration for his mother is one thing; obsessing over her is quite another. Unless you want to spend the rest of your relationship being compared to his mom, it might be time to cut your losses now.

5. COMPARES YOU TO HIS LAST GIRLFRIEND  The same theory holds true if your fellow compares you to his last girlfriend. Building a trusting relationship should not be based upon whether you measure up to his past romances or not. Staying in a relationship with someone who makes you feel like you never quite measure up can be detrimental to your self-esteem.

While all relationships are a work-in-progress, there are sometimes signs of trouble to big to ignore. If any of these relationship warning signs are present, chances are the fellow you are dating is not right for you. Listen to your gut instincts before you decide to continue dating someone you think is not right for you.

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