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5 Signs the Dude You Are Dating is a DUD

5 Signs The Dude You Are Dating Is a DUD5 Signs the Dude You Are Dating is a DUD: Are you in a new relationship with a man but find yourself questioning whether he is right for you? Do you find yourself making excuses not to go out with him? If there are signs of trouble early on in the relationship, you might be dating someone who is not right for you. If any of the following signs are present, there is a good chance the dude you are dating is a dud.

1. HE BRINGS A COUPON ON A DATE If he pays for every meal with a coupon, your date is either auditioning for an episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing or he is a dud. Fellows who refuse to spend cash on their dates are likely to exhibit the same cheapskate behavior as your relationship progresses. Unless you too are a spendthrift, you might want to consider whether this guy is right for you… Continue Reading >>>>

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