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That awkward moment when your girlfriend (or now your ex) publicly shames you by posting a video of you cheating on her…

Yeah, that happened to the Chainsmokers DJ Alex Pall who was caught cheating by his girl, Tori Woodward.

The video clearly shows Pall kissing another woman. Woodward decided to post the video on social media saying, “They’ll look you in the eyes and tell you they love you. Then destroy you without a second thought.” She then posted a second video captioned, “Men are trash. Don’t ever forget it.”

Woof, that hurts.

TMZ was able to catch up with the DJ to see how he’s doing. When asked, he said “It’s been a little rough, y’know that’s life. She deserves the best. I wish nothing but he best for her, she deserves a better guy than me.”

Sigh…another love lost. Do we believe these heartfelt words? At least they’re not going blow for blow and playing dirty…yet.