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6 Foods That Naturally Help Relieve Anxiety

6 Foods That Naturally Help Relieve Anxiety6 Foods That Naturally Help Relieve Anxiety: Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues faced by Americans. The disorders associated with it affect 40 million American adults, nearly 14 percent of the total population, and even those of us who haven’t been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder may face feelings of nervousness from time to time. But while the accepted medical course of treatment relies on medication and therapy, the foods and beverages we consume could actually play a role in our anxiety as well.

The brain requires certain nutrients to operate, and without them, we can become flustered and anxious. Meanwhile, overloads of chemicals in the wrong foods and beverages can trigger anxiety themselves. Whether you’re being treated for a serious panic disorder or you occasionally suffer from anxiety, you stand to benefit from changing your diet. Here are six foods that have proven positive effects on anxiety… Continue Reading >>>>