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5 Ways To Stop Overeating

overeating Overeating a contributor to weight gain. If you’re trying to lose weight, but haven’t considered your eating habits, it’s an important step to take. Here are five ways you can stop overeating.

  1. Stop bringing junk food into your home

One easy way to eat less is to bring less junk food into your home. Junk food is addictive so it’s difficult to have self-control with them around. If you want to stop overeating, but enjoy a treat now and then, only buy single-serving sized treats when you want one instead of stocking them at home. This will save you more calories than you can imagine in a week. These items might include sodas, chips, candy, ice cream, french fries and other frozen meals.

  1. Learn how to portion- If you don’t know how to portion, you are probably overeating without realizing it. Do you find yourself going for second, thirds, and maybe even fourths during meals? If you are, you’re overeating. Once you realize the correct portions, you may feel deprived or even hungry at first. Eating too much causes the stomach to grow, which leads to needing more food to feel satisfied. When you begin eating proper portions, your stomach will go back to its normal size and you’ll require less food to feel satisfied. This will lead to consuming less calories and weight loss… Continue Reading >>>

How to Know If You’re Overeating and Take Back Control