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5 Tips to Make Any Behavior into A Habit

While we often attribute other people’s successes to pure dumb luck, the reality is that success most often results from hard, sustained work, and in particular from forming good habits. Being in good physical shape, mentally healthy, financially stable, and romantically fulfilled are all things that can come from sustaining positive behaviors on a daily basis through long periods of time. We are formed as people through repetitive actions, not through any single decision. But forming positive habits is much more challenging than sticking with negative ones.

Anyone who’s committed to a restrictive diet or a new program for productivity, then found themselves slipping back into their old ways, can attest to the difficulty of turning behaviors into habits. If you have trouble sticking to a positive course of action until it forms into a regular tendency, you might try these proven methods of turning behaviors into habits.

1. Create chains of behaviors- One of the hardest parts of forming new habits is altering our daily routines to incorporate these new activities. Human beings are set in their ways, and it’s all too easy to lapse back into our old customs, especially if our new habit requires a drastic alteration of our lifestyle. Using your current routine as a framework for your new habit can help you avoid this problem.

Your brain responds better to contextual cues than to sheer willpower, so set up your desired habit in relation to things you already do. For example, if you want to start exercising in the morning, and you already start each day by brewing a pot of coffee, set a routine where you exercise as soon as you put the pot on. This way, your brain will start to develop an association between the established action of brewing coffee and the new one of exercising, and your neural pathways will be rewired so taking one action triggers the next… Continue Reading >>>>