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5 Exercises to Jump-Start Your Morning

5 Exercises to Jump-Start Your MorningMany of us wake up feeling crappy – no matter how much we sleep, it doesn’t feel like enough, and getting out of bed seems like a huge chore. Beginning the day on that note is a recipe for a foul mood. One way around that? Kick-start your heart with a short morning exercise, instead of marinating in that morning depression. Starting your day with some physical exercise is a great way to clear the morning fog from your mind and get your motor running. Along with helping your mood and mental clarity, morning exercise has been shown to reduce your blood pressure. If you’re interested in reaping these rewards, here are five exercises you can try tomorrow morning.

1. Stretching Inchworm- This is a great warmup exercise that loosens up your muscles and joints. Start with your feet hip-width apart. Breathe in as you stretch your arms toward the sky, pressing your palms together above your head and inclining your head downward. Breathe out as you fold forward, placing your palms on the floor (bend your knees however much is necessary). Then walk your hands forward from your feet, lowering yourself into a planking position. Finally, release your hips to the floor, arching your back and stretching your head skyward, then reverse the process until you’re standing again… Continue Reading >>>>

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