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These 4 New Age Workouts Are Changing the Way People Exercise for the Better 2

3. Bodhi Suspension

This offshoot of Pilates involves the use of two independent ropes that create four suspension points. Practitioners suspend their bodies from the ropes in countless ways as they perform exercises that build their muscular strength, flexibility, and balance. Installing one in your home isn’t easy, since you’ll need to anchor the ropes securely in your ceiling and walls, but there are numerous classes that allow you to experience the Bhodi Suspension System without committing to mounting one in your house. This is a great exercise for building full-body strength and targeting areas of the body that normal, gravitationally-bound exercises can’t touch.

4. Indoor Climbing

Gyms equipped with climbing walls are popping up all over the country, and despite what you might think, they have uses aside from practicing for climbing real-life rocks. Climbing for an hour burns over 700 calories, making this an intense cardio workout, but it’s the muscle building that’s really surprising. Rock climbing builds your forearms, biceps, back, abdominals, and legs in ways that normal strength training can’t. And it’s been shown that climbing also builds focus, as selecting grips requires spatial awareness and mental dexterity, and is an excellent stress reliever. Even if you’d never be interested in actual rock climbing, an indoor climbing workout could still be a great addition to your regimen.