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4 Natural Hair Treatments to Lighten Your Hair Without Damaging It

Lighten Hair Without Damaging It: Changing your hair color can be a great way of switching up your appearance. A different shade or color will set off details in your features that people never noticed before, and you’ll discover new aspects of your favorite outfits in the new context of this hair color. While many people these days are opting for wild, unnatural colors like pink or blue, others still are going with the classic move of lightening or highlighting their hair, particularly for the summer months. Short of getting plastic surgery or a tattoo, it’s one of the most noticeable changes you can make to your appearance – but unlike those costly alterations, it’s cheap and entirely reversible. Reversible, that is unless you permanently damage your hair with the treatment you choose.

Permanent Damage? Chemical hair dye deposits color into your hair, and to do that, it works in two ways. First, it elevates your hair’s pH balance to relax and lifts the cuticle, a protective sheath around your hair that normally protects it from damage. It does this using ammonia, and that damages your hair before the color even has a chance to get in. The protective cuticle isn’t supposed to be removed!… Continue Reading>>>>